How It Works



We create a clean, custom, modern and mobile friendly look for your new site.



200+ pages of content, including Watkins products as well as any of your current products and content.



We put it all together on a staging site for testing and review, then launch! Or, we install the content directly on your existing WordPress site!

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    Program Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    The base price for a website is $3500. However, some dealers have more complex needs, so each project is quoted individually.

    Yearly Content Syndication Pricing:

    • Hot Spring: $350/year
    • Caldera: $350/year
    • Endless: $350/year
    • Fantasy: $300/year
    • Freeflow: $300/year
    • Fastlane: $200/year

  • How long does it take?

    From project start to launch you can anticipate around 4-8 weeks. The more simple the site the faster it goes. Simplicity in this case is defined by number of non Watkins products, content to migrate as well as functionality. The dealer also plays a key role with timely review and approval of content.

  • Who owns the website, Watkins or the dealer?

    The website remains the property of the dealer, and the contract to build the site is between DesignStudio and the dealership.

  • Can I make edits on my own?

    Yes, the site is built on WordPress, which is a very easy to use content management system. You or your staff/agency can manage the content on the site or DesignStudio can assist you.

    Syndicated content is not editable, with exception to syndicated blog posts and SEO.

  • Do I get training?

    Basic training in the Content Management System is provided with all website projects.

  • What content gets updated automatically and what do I have to maintain on my own?

    All Watkins content gets kept up to date “Automagically”, meaning that products, brochures, blog posts, or pages get updated and syndicated to your site.

    Non Watkins products, your content . are your responsibility to update.

  • What if I keep adding content and making changes during the development of my site?

    At the beginning of your project, your DesignStudio liaison will quote your project based on a number of hours. The base package is 50 hours, which is typically more than enough to launch a base site. However, sometimes clients get new ideas and want to add more pages/products or functionality. At that point more hours can be purchased in blocks of 10. On the other hand, if you don’t use all your hours they are tracked and can be rolled over for content additions or support for up to one year.

  • How much do additional hours cost?

    Our hourly rates are normally $100, however for Watkins dealers a special rate of $90 has been established. Dealers who purchase larger blocks can get even lower rates.

  • Do my hours expire if I don't use them all?

    No, your hours will roll over for up to one year.

  • Can I put in other non-Watkins products?

    Yes, many of our sites feature non Watkins products. At the beginning of your project your quote will include an estimation for how long it will take to publish them all. For some of the more common lines we already have content, however for new or more obscure products extra time may be needed to create pages.

  • Can I have eCommerce?

    Yes, all of the sites are built for eCommerce and only a few additional steps are needed to activate that functionality.

  • Do the websites rank well in search engines?

    While Google and the other search engines index each site individually, almost all of our dealers are experiencing growth in organic search rankings. Additionally, the added content is leading to much better engagement numbers as well (more leads, pages viewed, etc.).

  • Are there second year fees?

    Only syndicated content and website hosting are billed the second year.

    Watkins helps cover your content management system, security and plugin updates and basic support.

  • What if I have another agency working on the site?

    We frequently partner with other agencies to help manage the sites that we develop.

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